5 Tips Before Starting Working as a Yoga Teacher

January 21, 2018

In December 2017 I have received an offer to teach yoga in a well-known studio in the center of Vienna, Austria. Since then, I was wondering how to start my new additional occupation beside my full-time job. I have often asked myself if I need to register any licence and report my new self-employment to the Chamber of Labour (WKO), if I need additional insurance (Kranken- und Unfallversicherung oder Pensionsversicherung) or how should I report to the tax authority (Finanzamt). I was worried! Really scared not to do anything wrong! I was googling day and night, and I have contacted several government agencies and public institutions  which could provide additional information about how to report the new self-employment as a yoga teacher.

1. Insurance – Report To SVA

As a Yoga teacher in Austria you belong among Neue Selbstständigeand you need to report to Sozialversicherungsanstalt der Gewerblichen Wirtschaft so they can validate if you need to pay an additional amount for your insurance (health insurance, accident insurance or pension insurance). You are exempt of paying additional contributions if your earnings for a calendar year don’t exceed the ceiling of EUR 5.256,60 (for 2018) and EUR 5.361,72 (for 2019). This limit applies irrespective of whether you are self-employed on full-time or part-time basis or whether this is your sole source of income or not. You will find the online form on the website of SVA.

2. Taxation – Report To Tax Authority = Finanzamt

In Austria the tax authority is called Finanzamt. As you will be getting an (additional) income with your job as a yoga teacher you shall report your income to finance authority in the respective federal state in Austria. At the end of each calendar year you will have to complete the form of income tax return via FinanzOnline. There you need to apply first by clicking FinanzOnlineLogin and at the bottom of the page follow the next section “Online-Erstanmeldung” where you will be requested to submit your application. Upon your online application you can expect that in the next two weeks your will receive a letter from tax authority by post with your Login data.  On annual basis you will have to complete the form of income tax return on “FinanzOnline” until June 30 of the following year.

Profit = Income – Expenses

Income = pay note (Honorarnote) and/or contributions of your students (Beiträge der KursteilnehmerInnen)

Expenses = further education, phone bill, literature/books, travel cost, etc.

3. Find A Tax Professional Near You

Of course I thought about contacting a tax consultant and at the end I did get in touch with several of them just to find out that they charge about EUR 160 per hour! But soon afterwards I found the “Kammer der Wirtschaftstreuhänderwho provides 30 Minutes of free consultation with the most experienced tax consultants in Vienna. BINGO! Volltreffer! I highly recommend that you get in touch with them!

4. Yoga Portfolio

In any case you will need a short presentation about yourself. In this document describe your background, your yoga education and I would suggest that you  list also all the workshops, seminars and other courses which you have visited or completed until now. Some yogis and yoginis mention also their teachers or mentors which have accompanied their yoga journey, so think about it! Keep it simple! With the rising influence of the Social Media, like Facebook or Instagram, you can prepare also a short video or a clip which you could potentially share via these platforms or you could include them in your emails when sending out your portfolios.

5. How Much Should You Charge For Classes?

Inform yourself about the rates in your city and talk to other teachers who can tell you how much do the studio owners pay per class. The earnings usually depend on the number of participants in your class or the studios already established flat rates. Please take into consideration that at the beginning you will start as junior teacher and you will earn “little less” than the senior teachers.  According to the information I have received, most of the teachers earn between EUR 25 and EUR 45 per class (60 minutes or 90 minutes), but if you will offer private classes then the prices may vary between EUR 60 and EUR 100.  Be patient and enjoy your new journey because it takes time to become a well-established teacher who can actually live from yoga.


Be authentic! Practice yoga regularly! Be always well-prepared! Build a network!

Enjoy your yoga teacher journey!


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