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Sara is known for her authentic and playful classes. Combining traditional Hatha Yoga with creative sequences and a dose of inspiration from her students, make her sessions vibrant and unique. She will encourage you to build a strong foundation for more dynamic and advanced yoga practice.
Sara is full of energy and humor, each time you will learn something new and most importantly, you’ll walk out feeling recharged and full of positive energy.
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Yoga is a science. Yoga unites the body, breath, mind, and soul. The practice aims to achieve an equilibrium through physical alignment (asana) and breath control (pranayama), and the resulting harmony of practicing manifests itself as physical strength, physiological health and emotional well-being.


Asanas are Yoga poses or what the West defines as Yoga. You may be surprised to learn that practice of the physical postures is only one part of the jigsaw of what makes yoga, actually YOGA.


Prāṇāyāma is a technique of conscious breathing. It consists of two words: "prana" (vital/life energy or breath) and "yama"(regulation or interruption). This technique is designed to gain mastery over the respiratory process while recognizing the connection between the breath, the mind, and the emotions.


Mudras are most commonly known as hand positions, which are believed to affect the flow of energy in the body. In Yoga as well as in meditation each type is thought to have a specific effect on  body and mind, and typically, mudras are performed alongside pranayama.


Mantra can be described as “tool of thought” and is often used as a way to focus and harness the mind. Each mantra has its own sound and vibration, so when you chant it, you begin to vibrate within the frequency of that mantra.

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What Students Say about Sara and her classes

"If you want to practice authentic yoga with a touch of zeitgeist and a lot of loughs your are at the right place. When you practice with Sara you will get a lot of insights, get to know and love your body and don’t worry - she will make sure you get your poses right and learn a ton. But the best thing is that her unique funny way will make your heart light up and your yoga time to one of the best times spent."
Verena H.
Vienna, Austria
"Sara has a very playful spirit and this reflects in the way she teaches yoga. Her classes combine a playful and fun approach to yoga as well as a safe way to practice.
You certainly will leave her class with a smile."
Leila S.
Vienna, Austria
"Nach einer Yoga-Einheit mit Sara fühle ich mich tief mit mir und der Erde verbunden, und gleichzeitig leicht und beschwingt."
Christine K.
Wien, Österreich

My Story

My name is Sara and I am certified Yoga Teacher - Hatha Yoga and Pre & Postnatal Yoga. Currently I am going through a "transformation" from a young HR Professional into a glowingly happy yoga teacher.

Since December 2018 I have an addition "super power" - I am a fresh (Yoga) Mommy!

I simply love yoga because it makes me feel refreshed, balanced and more connected with my body. Since I practice yoga on a daily basis I have managed to improve my work-life balance and my productivity has increased. 

Even during my pregnancy I was doing yoga every day! For some, pregnancy is stressful or overwhelming. It's seems like there are so many things to worry about, and your baby is not even born! Yoga will give you also the opportunity and space to bond with your tiny human being inside of you and also it will help you to clear your mind and slow down your thoughts by learning conscious breathing techniques. And even now, since I've become a fresh mom I am practicing yoga at least 3 times a week to supports and facilitates the recovery of the body, by using gentle movement, balancing asanas, breathing and relaxation.

Yoga may be thousands of years old with roots in ancient India but the practice is more relevant than ever in today’s life. Through yoga I have learned about the importance of self-study and reminding myself on the following:

I am awesome.







I am Yoga Teacher. I am Recruiter.

My background

I have graduated from the University of Vienna in 2012 with a first class degree in Political Sciences/International Relations. 

I have started my professional career at the Slovenian Embassy in Austria. Later on I was part of the team of a EU Youth Project, and in the year 2013 I have found my dream job in HR within international organization based in Vienna, Austria. 

In summer 2015 I have completed a Summer School at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where I have earned my Certificate in HR Management and Employment Relations.

Since then I am fully engaged in recruitment, staff development and talent outreach which became my passion. 

Almost half of human resource management graduates are employed in the business, HR and financial sector, and I am no exception. For the last seven years I am working in a very dynamic and high stress work environment. Most of the current jobs require more flexibility and proven resilience to work under pressure. I guess we all know someone who has taken a time off work or is unable to work for an extended time period due to stress related illness - whether mental (anxiety, restlessness, feeling overwhelmed and depression) or physical (muscle pain, headaches, upset stomachs, chest pain). Over the years I have been trying many kind of sports activities but I have never found a workout which would increase my concentration, productivity, discipline and mental clarity. 

However, after my car accident and the whiplash injury, I went to physical therapy for months and because I didn’t feel better nor had less pain, I started practicing yoga in a local gym twice per week. Since then YOGA is my passion! This is where my Yoga journey started and I am grateful for each and every day on the mat!

MaMasana - Postnatal Yoga Practice for Busy Moms

Looking to get your pre-baby body back faster?

Pregnancy may be one of the happiest phases in a woman’s life, but we can’t deny that most new moms struggle with common day-to-day activities after giving birth as the body is still recovering from the rigours of pregnancy and labour.

Postnatal Yoga - Yoga for Busy Moms targets your entire body, i.e core (your deep abdominals, including your pelvic floor as well as your back, hips and buttocks), tightening your abs, strengthening your lower back, and improving your stamina and strength.

Joining other women (new moms) in a postpartum (Postnatal) yoga class is a great way to make new friends, all of whom are facing the same challenges you are. Even if you prefer to practice at home, an occasional class at a studio lets you create a new yoga and self care routine.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

Posture perfection - When you start nursing, pushing a stroller, and lifting your  baby your posture may really suffer. Yoga  can be a great way to build strength in your body. Yoga strengthens all the essential muscles and joints and can even help women achieve better than pre-pregnancy posture.

Body knowledge - Develop your own relationship with the self to weave together the threads of the body, mind and soul. Yoga is a great form of self care. Yoga practice is about healing the self through self discovery and self acceptance.

Mood moderation - Yoga's emphasis on breathing and moving simultaneously, helps you breathe more deeply and triggers feelings of deep relaxation and well-being. This combination of movements and breathing improves blood circulation and oxygenates the body. When we practice yoga, we sleep and digest better and we maintain a more balanced emotional and mental state of being.

Moral support - Many new moms build lasting friendships with the women they meet in their postpartum exercise classes.

To get the most out of yoga it’s best to keep a daily practice even on your busiest days. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day is valuable and an already great accomplishment. That’s where the transformation happens!

* Honoring yourself
* Trusting yourself
* Celebrating yourself
* Meeting yourself where you are
* Meeting yourself how you are

I can’t wait to meet New Moms to work with their amazing bodies and help them to increase their strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles of the the pelvic floor to prevent the potential urinary incontinence.

My Certifications

Educating the mind and educating the heart can bring changes to our society. We can be part of positive changes and transformations

I have studied traditional Hatha Yoga and completed Yoga Alliance Certification Course with Michael Sidhamo Johnson, of Vibrantly Alive Yoga, in Vienna (Austria). 

During my pregnancy I have decided to broaden my knowledge and therefore, in September 2018, I have attended and successfuly completed a Prenatal Yoga Course (Ausbildung zur Yogalehrerin für Schwangere) at Wiener Yogaschule. After giving birth to my baby boy I have completed (together with my 13 weeks old baby) a Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Programme 90 hrs at Little Yoga Room. I can’t wait to help mums-to-be to work with their amazing pregnant body and help them to increase their strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for child birth! 

200hrs Yoga Teacher Training Certificate
Prenatal Yoga Teach Certificate

After giving birth I have completed (in company of my, at that time, 13 weeks old baby) a Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Programme 90 hrs at Little Yoga Room.

Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training 90 hrs Certificate

On my yoga journey I have participated in several yoga workshops, lectures and trainings in Koh Phangan & Koh Samui (Thailand), Rishikesh (India), Miami, Nashville and New Orleans (USA) and Mosceniska Draga (Croatia) and Vienna (Austria). I consider myself extremely lucky to have learned and worked with wonderful teachers:

Astrid Felsenreich

Kino MacGregor

Sandrine Kamhi

Dylan Werner

Konstantin Miachin

Livin' La Vida Yoga


Here it is! My yoga ebook! New milestone in my life! 

Why an ebook? I have started writing my observations and experiences when I have started teaching public yoga classes. Especially in moments of disappointment and success I have seen how yoga transformed me. Through the positive effects of regular yoga practice I really wanted to share it with my family and friends. Then I got this crazy idea! Why can’t I write a short, tangible and useful guide how yoga changed my life and how can also you benefit from it?!! This ebook will give you the insights of the 5 most essential benefits of yoga in the daily life as well as some of my personal experiences as teacher and student. I have also summarized how to prepare for your first yoga class and how to find out your favorite yoga studio/style/teacher. 

If you are searching yoga practice sequences with pictures I guess you will have to get another book. I am giving and creating space for you to explore what fits you best!! Explore how you can improve your focus and performance at work, and your sleeping habit, reduce your stress level and create more space for healthy relationships. 

I am really looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Get your copy of my ebook here!

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